What is an MOS? An MOS, or Military Occupational. Specialty, is the job title and description used by the Army and. Marines to describe each of it's jobs. The. What Is MOS in the Military? · Administrative. · Ammunition and explosive disposal. · Aviation. · Communications. · Engineering. · Field artillery. · Finance. Career Options (MOS) · STEM Careers: · Admin & Relations: · Aviation: · Engineer: · Ground Defense: · Infantry: · Intelligence: · Mechanic, Maintenance, and Ordnance. Enter your military job to find related civilian careers. Then explore wages, employment outloook, and other career information; and view job postings in. What is an MOS, or Military Occupational Specialty? This is a term used by specific military branches to refer to jobs within that branch.

Army MOS List ; 12A, General Engineer, Officer ; 12A, Engineer Senior Sergeant, Enlisted ; 12B, Armor, Officer ; 12B, Combat Engineer, Officer. The US Army and US Marines use military occupational specialty codes (MOS), the US Air Force uses Air Force specialty codes (AFSC), and the US Navy uses Navy. An MOS is the role or job someone had while in the military. There are over 10, different occupational specialties across the military that cover a whole. A. Engineer Equipment Maintenance Warrant Officer. 91B, C, D, L, H, X, 91J ; A. Property Accounting Technician. 92Y ; B. Supply Systems Technician. 92A. It is your job. Specifically, it is the alphanumerical code that corresponds to your job. So, for example, I was an infantryman (“Follow Me!”. Best jobs in the Army · 1. Recruiter · 2. Combat medic · 3. Human resources specialist · 4. Explosive ordnance disposal · 5. Diver · 6. Public affairs specialist · 7. Find Your Career in the U.S. Army · Chaplain · Band Officer · Utilities Equipment Repairer · Special Band Musician · Watercraft Operator · Cargo Specialist · Culinary. Military veterans' MOS are a guide for skills learned in the military and armed forces, which is why veterans can search for jobs by typing in their MOS. General Information - Enlisted MOS Conversion List (Navy) · D - Cyber Capabilities Developer Technician · A - Information Systems Technician · N - Network. Explore Navy Careers · Choose Your Journey · HIGH-PRIORITY ROLES · Machinist's Mate Nuclear · Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician · Information Systems Technician.

Military Skills Translator - Apply for jobs that match your skills, identify civilian terminology for your resume and find hot career options for your. Your future starts here. Browse Army Reserve and Active Duty jobs to find an Army career that fits your skills and career goals. As a Medical Service Corps officer, you will be responsible for providing health care to soldiers, their families and others eligible to receive this care in. Enlisted soldiers are categorized by their assigned job called a military occupational specialty, or MOS jobs, merging redundant jobs, and using common. Enlisting in the military can help you achieve your career goals. Learn about military jobs and possible military occupational specialties (MOS or AFCS). The ASVAB · Clerical (CL): VE + AR + MK · Combat (CO): VE + AS + MC · Electronics (EL): GS + AR + MK + EI · Field Artillery (FA): AR + MK + MC · General. A numeric code, called a Military Occupation Specialty Code (MOS), is used to identify a specific Army job. Each job is comprised of one or more related. Supervise junior enlisted personnel. Officers typically do the following: Plan, organize, and lead troops and activities in military operations; Manage enlisted. Your future starts now! Browse our jobs and land a career that fits your skills and career goals in your home state!

Whether you're interested in Army Reserve or Active Duty, there are many ways to serve in the Army. Explore the possible Army careers and contact an Army. Enlisted soldiers are categorized by their assigned job called a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). MOS are labeled with a short alphanumerical code called. A United States military occupation code, or a military occupational specialty code (MOS code), is a nine-character code used in the United States Army and. Enter the name or code of your military classification. We'll suggest civilian careers with similar work. Select a branch: Air Force (AFSC), Army (MOS). Explore Navy Careers · Choose Your Journey · HIGH-PRIORITY ROLES · Machinist's Mate Nuclear · Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician · Information Systems Technician.

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