1. Start your own consulting firm- either an actual firm or as an independent consultant. 2. Become a partner at another consulting firm. (You. The most popular career paths to follow after consulting · Big corporates · Start-ups · Freelance consultants · Private equity or venture capital. There are more direct routes into these paths (operations at a good tech startup or entering policy jobs directly), but if you don't find a good option within. Let's take a closer look at your options after consulting · 1. Do more study · 2. Go client-side · 3. Join a not for profit · 4. Make like you're in the West Wing. The Perfect Fit Roles · Corporate Strategy · Business Operations · Chief of Staff · Product Marketing · Program Management.

1. Investment banker. National average salary: $77, per year Primary responsibilities: investment bankers are similar to management consultants, as they. 5 Steps on the Consulting Career Path · 1. Junior Consultants. Junior consultants are the workhorses of any consulting team. · 2. Senior Consultants. Senior. Former management consultants have a wide range of high-paying, prestigious career path – including corporate management, banking and finance, public-sector. If you're looking ahead to jobs you might pursue after college, business school, or an advanced degree, you might have heard that management consulting is a. Management Consulting opportunities · Customer Transformation - help clients shape their business through customer experiences through marketing, sales, and. Consulting skills are extremely transferable. You work with some of the most capable people in business. The skills you develop are highly sought-after in the. Push to be on roles that progress the projects forward or be a functional stream leader. Spend after-hours to support RFP initiatives and be. Potential types of jobs are internal consulting, strategic planning, project management, and administrative manager. 4. They may go into. Level 0: Intern – Most consulting interns support other consultants by collecting data or running analyses. · Level 1: Junior Consultant / Analyst – Undergrads.

They may go into industry in an analytically oriented position, such as strategic planner, internal consultant or corporate financial analyst. Moving On: 5 Smart Consulting Exit Options · 1. Get Educated · 2. Join the Corporate World · 3. Start a Business · 4. Go Independent · 5. Give Back. Finance can be a potential career for former consultants who have extensive experience in financial modeling and M&A. The work-life balance is better in buy-. Management Consulting Roles · Intern · Associate consultant · Senior associate consultant · Consultant · Manager · Senior manager · Associate partner · Partner. At this stage, most will be at either Senior Associate or Junior Manager level. In most cases, consulting firms reward tenure better than. Opportunities following work as a consultant Consulting experience is often attractive to large, successful companies. You can generally advance more. Common career paths for former consultants include roles in investment management, entrepreneurship, strategy roles and positions in non-profit organizations. 1. Private equity · 2. Hedge funds · 3. Asset management and equity research · 4. Entrepreneurship · 5. Industry · 6. Transition to a different career profile with. Consultants learn to manage others by managing other consultants. When they get to the corporate world, former consultants need to adjust their.

Career Progression in Consulting. With only a graduate degree, you may be able to work with a consulting firm as an Analyst (the smallest cog in the wheel!). Four Career Paths to Consider after Management Consulting · Corporate Strategy · Portfolio Operations · Chief of Staff · Operations. For management consultants. Types of Consulting careers – What do Consultants do? · Strategy Consulting · IT/Technology Consulting · Operations Consulting · HR Consulting · Marketing & Sales. Similar Job Titles to a Management Consultant ; Manager Management Consulting. Fairly Similar Skills · Very Popular ; Strategy Consultant. Very Similar Skills. Consulting work will give you the chance to put skills you learned in your MBA program to good work. These might include research, presentation skills, on your.

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